Over the years we have continuously developed our range of conveyors, specialising in (but not limited to) the meat industry. Whether it is direct contact main processing belts, delivery conveyors to vacuum packers, or packoff carousels, we are sure to have covered it all.

Among many options available are shaft mounted drive motors or Interroll drum drives, CIP systems, water powered belt lifters, pedestal legs to name as well as Spiral conveyors are also a specialty of ours, whether you want to move cartons, air cool or freeze your product, we are able to assist.

If you want to convey product around or between rooms then please talk to us, whether it’s a pouch of soup, a carton of apples, or a fresh leg of lamb we can build a conveyor that meets your needs.  Rob has worked in this area for many years and has significant expertise when it comes to designing, manufacturing and installing conveyors.



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