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The McLaren Stainless team has a wealth of design and engineering experience.

McLaren Stainless specialises in servicing the food, beverage and petfood industries but also undertakes a wide variety of work across other sectors. The company has the depth and breadth of skills and equipment to tackle virtually all engineering projects, regardless of their size and scope.

McLaren Stainless also offers a ‘concept to commission’ service, taking customers from an initial concept through design engineering, production of full working drawings, work-shop fabrication, site installation and final commissioning. The company ensures high level quality control at all stages of its processes.

<h5>Rob McLaren</h5>
Rob McLaren
Managing Director

Rob's first engineering feat was while at High School when he designed and built his own mountain bike. It's fair to say the bike was no Specialized but it set him on a course of creating leading edge engineering solutions. Rob is a third generation McLaren to operate the business, following in the footsteps of his father Bruce (not of F1 fame) and grand father Reg. Rob takes a common sense approach to engineering and likes adding sleek design and simple SMART technology to equipment.

+64 21 704407


<h5>Barry Stewart</h5>
Barry Stewart
Project Manager

Barry's from the deep South where he spent over 20 years in the Meat Industry. Barry is our Project Manager and know's everything about process flow within a meat plant. As a project engineer Barry's spent plenty of time looking at meat being processed and packaged and loves finding new ways of making processes more effective and efficient.

+64 21 704 987


<h5>Nick Gonscak</h5>
Nick Gonscak
Laser & Waterjet Specialist

Nick's the man when it comes to bringing a drawing to life. All he need's is a bit of tracing paper and he can cut anything out on our laser machine. He loves a challenge and to push laser cutting to its limit. If you need a part that's going to take days to ship from the other side of the world, why not contact Nick and he will re-create it quick smart. And if you're thinking sprockets etc, well think again. Nick's been known to laser cut tea pots and 21st celebration keys too.

+64 6 873 9100


<h5>Gordon Scott</h5>
Gordon Scott

Gordon's our resident sparky. He is an electrical whizz and he and his team play a vital role in making sure our innovative products are powered correctly.

+64 21 704 822


<h5>Phil Simcox</h5>
Phil Simcox

Phil's procurement brief is pretty simple - get the best price and make sure it get delivered on time (that sometime's requires pulling a few favours). Phil sources most of McLaren's equipment and materials from around New Zealand and in some cases internationally.

+64 21 704 504


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